Saturday, July 30, 2016

monsoon series

Rain at night

the moon is bright in the sky
and the rain falls
like leaves of autumn
with faint murmur
on the soft grasses

she is sleeping in her house
caressing her pillow
or she is reading Anna Karenina
and weeping
between the pasges,
not because Anna dies
running under a train
because she is reading
the same book
i used to read—had made decrepit
in many such nights with her

and here it’s raining
Soft falls the cadence
on the concrete floor outside
and I am listening—watching.
this rain is different rain,
rain in the moonlight!
soft slivers of the moonlight
dissolve in the rain
& now it’s difficult to
say if it’s the rain falling

or strings of light
from the soft
lips of this night that
separates us

but on nights like this
we would sit together,
drink dark coffee
and listen to Bryan Adams,
and I would read Anna Karenina
and she would weep,
she would read Lolita
and I would crouch forward
to pluck a rose
from her soft lips
or steal a pearl
of dreams from her eyes.
but that was long ago.

this night, it is
And vast and lonely,
and maybe she is reading
anna Karenina seated
beside a cold hearth
where silvery cockroaches
make desperate hauls to and fro
and suddenly
lovely Anna,
anna she loved as much as she loved me,
goes under the train,
and she weeps
she weeps not because Anna dies
but because an age has to die
she weeps for her old tears,
dear old tears
of night like this one

Few words
Spare for me a few moments
& I will tell you a few things
(If you’ll listen to them)
The stars are high
Cast forlorn in the fathomless
Darkness of the
The wind wantons in the weeping woods
And I am breathing the darkness
(and if you will listen to me)
I want to say
Spare for me a few moments,
Just sit beside me,
Speak nothing,
  Just breathe
Even as I am breathing,
Even as this night is breathing
Breathe this darkness

Life hangs on a string of breathe

And now when the stars are all alone
In the vastness
Of the empty sky,
When there is silence
You and I
Forget the whats and whys
And hows of this life
Just be even as the stars are,
Silent and attentive.
The universe is a part of your soul
and I will tell you a secret
                      An endearment
                              A tale of the heart
Of the blood
Secret of this life.
The corn cobs are
Open with their ears to
      Drink my secrets
     My endearments
But I will talk to you
    In the language
Of the heart
          This palpitating heart
(which they won’t understand)
And you would say,
What about the roses?
They are faking sleep?
                Well, they
Will eavesdrop, I know
     They will hoard
My endearment
     In their red pockets
But I have their secrets in my
It is mutual fear of getting
(they won’t reveal)
(they were whispering
Among themselves,
In hushed tongues
         A language of their heart
A red language
A language so full of the myrrh
And I could hear but your name)

And yes, the stars are cast away
In the fathomless sky
And you are silent,
       Listening to me.
Well, the night is silent,
The stars are cold,
And the wind is away
In the woods,
In this absence,
In this hour of silnce
You are listening to me
And I will tell you a secret
Of this heart
Of this life
(just listen to me)
I will reveal back to
You the secret of your